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The Firm-Ultimate Fat Burning Workout [Feb. 17th, 2007|05:32 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This is the first The Firm workout I've done and I've been really doing it quite a bit There isn't a lot of jumping around but it will most definately make you work up a sweat!

The warm up is fairly basic but effective. The first cardio section is loosely dance based. You learn each move and build up to the entire routine gradually. It makes it really easy to follow. The instructor is perfect in her timing and guidance as well. She says exactly what you should be doing every step of the way-literally.
The first and second toning sections are very similar working your upper and lower body at the same time. You work every part of the arm using weights and you change moves quickly.
The second cardio routine is boxing themed with kicks and punches. Like the first cardio routine you learn the moves slowly and are flawlessly instructed.
The cool down is combined with some standing ab moves as well as push up.
From start to finish the work out is 40 minutes. The music is pretty standard but not what i'd call bad. As a whole it has a suburban housewives do aerobics feel but once you get past that it's really good. It's excellent for those times you don't have loads of time and are a little knackered but still want a thorough workout.
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Ministry of Sound Burn it, Lose it [Jan. 21st, 2007|02:27 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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Sorry I haven't posted any reviews lately. I've been busy doing this DVD!!
I can't say enough good things about this workout. Deanne Berry is back and better than ever. She's gotten her aerobic instruction qualification since the last DVD and it really shows. Her instruction is outstanding and she looks amazing!

The routine is broken up into 3 cardio sections with a toning section at the end. There are easy and more difficult options throughout and the music is awesome. There's an option to skip sections if you don't have time to do all four.

Approx running time 1hr 15 min

It starts with a warm up routine that introduces you to some of the moves you use later on.
Tracks: Booty Luv-Boogie 2nite, Supafly Inc-Moving Too Fast

This is the hardest of the three cardio sections. You will most definately be sweating after this one. It incoroporates jumping jacks, lunges and knee lifts. Nothing out of the ordinary or complicated, but really fun.
Tracks: Fireflies & Alexandra Prince-I Can't Get Enough, Till West & DJ Delicious-Same Man, Tom Novy & Lima-Take It(Closing Time)

This is the dance section of the DVD. Deanne brings you through three different sets of moves. The first is really sexy while the other two are super funky. It doesn't seem like it's working you hard but you will be sweating a bit, especially if you didn't skip Aeroburn. These routines aren't as rigid as other dance dvds. There's lots of room to include your own personality into it.
Tracks: Firefox-Sex Shooter, Chanel-My Life, Beatfreakz-Superfreak

This is a boxing cardio section and I have to be honest, it's one of the best I've ever done. There's three routines that are done on the left and right side. The most impressive part of Beatbox (and BPM) is that Deanne actually gives you opporunities to drink water!! No other workout DVD has ever done this even though they suggest you drink water during. So you don't miss a thing while you're getting a sip or wiping yourself off with a towel-brilliant! At the end of Beatbox I feel like I can take anyone on lol.
Tracks: Fedde Le Grand-Put Your Hands Up for Detroit, Beatfreakz-Somebodys Watching Me, Supermode-Tell Me Why

Below The Belt
These toning exercies work on every part of the body. It starts with legs, push ups for upper body and some challenging core moves. It ends on ab work that you will feel!
Tracks: Sharam-Patt(Party All The Time), Mish Mash-Speechless, DJ Jose-Stepping to the Beat

The cool down has A LOT of deep breathing and just enough stretching. You will understand the breathing thing when you do it lol.
Track: Solu Music feat. Kimblee-Fade

Run out and buy this DVD-it does what it says on the tin. I lost my December weight in 3 weeks doing this workout (and healthy eating). It's fantastic and I know you'll all really dig it! For a preview of all the sections go to www.amazon.co.uk

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the bollywood dance workout [Jan. 20th, 2007|10:48 am]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa

I bought this because it was one of the cheaper DVDs at Borders. Thankfully I was not dissapointed. The video is broken up into about 5 or 6 sections that sort of focus on different sections of the body but for the most part seem to be there to help you not notice that the entire workout is 50 min long. The movements are fun and for the most part not your run of the mill aerobics. That being said, nothing in the video is too complicated dance wise. This didn't leave me dripping in sweat, only a glow, but I was feeling muscles that I don't normally use so I consider that a fair tradeoff. If you want something to spice up your cardio routine, give this video a try.
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Happy New Year! [Dec. 31st, 2006|05:08 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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Hello all!
I wanted to wish you a happy new year and to give some encouragement to those who let the ball drop exercise wise over this holiday season. I have to admit, I was doing so well until this past week when my parents came to vist. I barely left the couch for three days!

Please post about any DVD, routines or toning moves you are enjoying at the moment. I'd like to know what you're all into and what's keeping you motivated. I have a new workout schedule in place and plan a detox to get me started this year.

Have a happy and healthy 2007!!
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Johanna Hall-28 Day Total Body Plan [Oct. 11th, 2006|08:21 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This DVD is meant to accompany a diet book Johanna wrote. Her main diet princple has been eat loads of fruit and veg and no carbs after 5pm. I haven't read the book but this DVD is one I always come back to.
It's made up of three 30 minute workouts. All of them have options for a beginner to one at an advanced level.
The first one is a full on cardio routine. It seems easy at first, but it soon gets you puffed out. There are lots of recovery time though. I've done this routine sooo many times, it's brilliant. The music is mild but is enough to keep you going.
The second is a interval routine with toning exercises along with cardio sections to keep your heart rate up. The toning segments aren't challenging if you're in good shape but you can still feel them working. I like to tack this one on to the first routine if I have the time.
The third workout is a yoga/aerobic routine using basic yoga moves. It's pretty mellow but will still work up a sweat. It'll make you feel stretched and more energenic.
Johanna is a great trainer and personality. This DVD contains workout staples that will keep you in shape. They're simple, effective and timeless.
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Joanna Hall Drop a Dress Size (2002) [Aug. 10th, 2006|08:51 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This DVD is separated into 4 toning sections, cardio and diet suggestions that will help you drop a dress size. It is designed for you to decide what bits you want to work on any particular day. There are lots of opportunity to 'work to your level' which appears is Joanna's favorite phrase. It rings true in all her videos
The 4 toning segments are Better Bust, Better Tum, Better Bottom, and Better Legs. They are all 10 minutes long. The moves are slow and concentrated, the way toning exercises should be. I found the abs work especially beneficial. Simple movements, great results.
The cardio is a 20 minute routine including the cooldown integrated with more strengthing exercises. It could be done on it's own or in combination with some or all of the toning sections. The moves are nothing out of the ordinary but effective. I thought mini arms section was tough.
Joanna does an excellent job of reminding you of proper form through the entire video. She's an excellent instructor and motivator. There's no frills or ego with her, just fitness. Her dieting tips to help you drop a dress size are sensible and easy to follow.
This DVD will get results but you mind find it boring after a few goes. I recommend it for a chilled out day when you want to give your muscules and metabolism a boost.
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Coleen's Brand New Body Workout [Aug. 7th, 2006|07:10 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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I've been dreading reviewing this DVD but it has to be done. I don't often not complete a workout routine because it's so horrific but this one I did.
The instructor in the DVD is cool but Coleen and her friends are utterly pointless. Every time Colleen makes a comment or asks a question it's unnatural and annoying. The music is uninteresting as well.
The routine is made up of cardio sections first then sections of toning exercises. The DVD is unnecessarily cut up into different section. I'm guessing this is done so people can choose what parts they want to do. I found it irritating as there is a short introduction from Coleen before you begin each. The cardio is pretty good but nothing special. The toning is soooo repetitive for no reason and the moves were basic and limited. I was so bored through the entire routine that I couldn't be bothered to finish.

This DVD has absolutely nothing to offer-SKIP IT!
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The Hotpants Workout [Aug. 5th, 2006|08:38 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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The way this workout was packaged is a little misleading. I'm guessing they called it this based on the fact that the instructor, Dan Karaty, has worked with Kylie. He has also worked with the likes of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. He's an excellent instrutor as he would have to be being a choreographer. He's clear, doesn't leave you in the dust and assumes you're not as good a dancer as the rest in the DVD.

This is a dance cardio routine. Dan is accompanied by female dancers but he is definately the star of the video. He takes you through a warm up, four separte dance routines, cool down and some ab n glute work. The warm up is dance based as are all the cardio work. You learn the moves step by step, slowing building up. Don't get me wrong though, you won't be bored by the instruction once you've done it a few times and have the routine down which is where a lot of dance workouts go wrong. The first and third routines are moderately difficult with the second and fourth more fast paced. As far as the music, it's good but in the background a bit so you can here the instruction better.

After some stretching of your lower body during the cooldown, you immediately start doing LOADS of crunches with no rest. Then some bum squeezes, after these the workout stops abruptly. The workout is roughly 40 minutes. The time flies by and it's lots of fun!!
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AOS-Fatburner Breakthrough [Jul. 11th, 2006|08:33 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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I was so excited to do this routine and it was a big disappointment.
It has a warm up and 2 cardio sections followed by ab and back floorwork.
The cardio is confusing at times and the instuctor is nice but isn't clear with timing. Even the back up instructors seem confused at times. It's one of those routines that keeps bringing you back to the beginning but doesn't tell where you're beginning from. The cardio only lasted between 25-30 minutes-hardly a breakthrough.
The floorwork is inconsistant. Some of the moves are brilliant and you can feel them working. Others felt like a waste of time. The cooldown was nice though...
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AOS-Belly Dance Fitness [Jul. 11th, 2006|08:24 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This routine is fun and a welcome change from traditional workout DVDs. It is hosted by members of the AOS (Aerobics Oz Style) team as well as a professional belly dancer. It starts with a normal warm up that leads into two belly dance routines. They're not too complicated but are definately challenging. You'll really feel it in your abs!! At first it doesn't seem like you're working that hard but soon enough you're dripping with sweat.
The final section is a cool down with some excellent stretching with a little bit of floorwork.
This DVD includes some bonus features such as interviews and behind the scenes. There's also a nice recipe that I make all the time now-easy and healthy.
I recommend this DVD to everyone. It's loads of fun and works new muscles.
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