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Johanna Hall-28 Day Total Body Plan [Oct. 11th, 2006|08:21 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews


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This DVD is meant to accompany a diet book Johanna wrote. Her main diet princple has been eat loads of fruit and veg and no carbs after 5pm. I haven't read the book but this DVD is one I always come back to.
It's made up of three 30 minute workouts. All of them have options for a beginner to one at an advanced level.
The first one is a full on cardio routine. It seems easy at first, but it soon gets you puffed out. There are lots of recovery time though. I've done this routine sooo many times, it's brilliant. The music is mild but is enough to keep you going.
The second is a interval routine with toning exercises along with cardio sections to keep your heart rate up. The toning segments aren't challenging if you're in good shape but you can still feel them working. I like to tack this one on to the first routine if I have the time.
The third workout is a yoga/aerobic routine using basic yoga moves. It's pretty mellow but will still work up a sweat. It'll make you feel stretched and more energenic.
Johanna is a great trainer and personality. This DVD contains workout staples that will keep you in shape. They're simple, effective and timeless.