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Joanna Hall Drop a Dress Size (2002) - Fitness DVD Reviews [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Joanna Hall Drop a Dress Size (2002) [Aug. 10th, 2006|08:51 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews


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This DVD is separated into 4 toning sections, cardio and diet suggestions that will help you drop a dress size. It is designed for you to decide what bits you want to work on any particular day. There are lots of opportunity to 'work to your level' which appears is Joanna's favorite phrase. It rings true in all her videos
The 4 toning segments are Better Bust, Better Tum, Better Bottom, and Better Legs. They are all 10 minutes long. The moves are slow and concentrated, the way toning exercises should be. I found the abs work especially beneficial. Simple movements, great results.
The cardio is a 20 minute routine including the cooldown integrated with more strengthing exercises. It could be done on it's own or in combination with some or all of the toning sections. The moves are nothing out of the ordinary but effective. I thought mini arms section was tough.
Joanna does an excellent job of reminding you of proper form through the entire video. She's an excellent instructor and motivator. There's no frills or ego with her, just fitness. Her dieting tips to help you drop a dress size are sensible and easy to follow.
This DVD will get results but you mind find it boring after a few goes. I recommend it for a chilled out day when you want to give your muscules and metabolism a boost.