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Ministry of Sound Burn it, Lose it [Jan. 21st, 2007|02:27 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews


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Sorry I haven't posted any reviews lately. I've been busy doing this DVD!!
I can't say enough good things about this workout. Deanne Berry is back and better than ever. She's gotten her aerobic instruction qualification since the last DVD and it really shows. Her instruction is outstanding and she looks amazing!

The routine is broken up into 3 cardio sections with a toning section at the end. There are easy and more difficult options throughout and the music is awesome. There's an option to skip sections if you don't have time to do all four.

Approx running time 1hr 15 min

It starts with a warm up routine that introduces you to some of the moves you use later on.
Tracks: Booty Luv-Boogie 2nite, Supafly Inc-Moving Too Fast

This is the hardest of the three cardio sections. You will most definately be sweating after this one. It incoroporates jumping jacks, lunges and knee lifts. Nothing out of the ordinary or complicated, but really fun.
Tracks: Fireflies & Alexandra Prince-I Can't Get Enough, Till West & DJ Delicious-Same Man, Tom Novy & Lima-Take It(Closing Time)

This is the dance section of the DVD. Deanne brings you through three different sets of moves. The first is really sexy while the other two are super funky. It doesn't seem like it's working you hard but you will be sweating a bit, especially if you didn't skip Aeroburn. These routines aren't as rigid as other dance dvds. There's lots of room to include your own personality into it.
Tracks: Firefox-Sex Shooter, Chanel-My Life, Beatfreakz-Superfreak

This is a boxing cardio section and I have to be honest, it's one of the best I've ever done. There's three routines that are done on the left and right side. The most impressive part of Beatbox (and BPM) is that Deanne actually gives you opporunities to drink water!! No other workout DVD has ever done this even though they suggest you drink water during. So you don't miss a thing while you're getting a sip or wiping yourself off with a towel-brilliant! At the end of Beatbox I feel like I can take anyone on lol.
Tracks: Fedde Le Grand-Put Your Hands Up for Detroit, Beatfreakz-Somebodys Watching Me, Supermode-Tell Me Why

Below The Belt
These toning exercies work on every part of the body. It starts with legs, push ups for upper body and some challenging core moves. It ends on ab work that you will feel!
Tracks: Sharam-Patt(Party All The Time), Mish Mash-Speechless, DJ Jose-Stepping to the Beat

The cool down has A LOT of deep breathing and just enough stretching. You will understand the breathing thing when you do it lol.
Track: Solu Music feat. Kimblee-Fade

Run out and buy this DVD-it does what it says on the tin. I lost my December weight in 3 weeks doing this workout (and healthy eating). It's fantastic and I know you'll all really dig it! For a preview of all the sections go to www.amazon.co.uk