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Fitness DVD Reviews

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Ministry of Sound: Pump It Up [Jul. 11th, 2006|07:22 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This DVD is a brilliant cardio-dance workout presented by Deanne Berry and backup dancers(made famous from the 'Call on Me' music video). This DVD was made on the strength and popularity of the Eric Prydz song. It consists of five sections that all contain killer tracks including 'Call on Me'.
The workout begins with 'Heat'(the warmup). It starts out with a couple stretchs and some light aeorbic moves. It slowly progresses into a short leg toning routine. All the moves in 'Heat' are used at the end of the DVD as well.
The first main cardio section is a fun dance influenced aerobic workout involving salsa and boxing moves. It's moderately difficult but gets you sweating none the less. If you have done dance aerobics in the past you should be familiar with most of the moves and will pick up the routine well.
The second cardio section 'Pump It Up' kicks in when you might think you're finished. This routine is intense!! It's less dance influenced but still enjoyable. It can get a little repetitive but it is challenging. When you feel like you can barely take anymore it keeps going! It eventually winds down and walks you through the 'Call on Me' routine used in the video at the very end of this cardio section.
The section that follows is a basic arms/abs/bum toning routine. It includes push-up, sit-ups, plank, and bum squeezes. It's short but gets the job done.
The final section 'Chill'(the cool down) is longer than in most DVDs. It's quite pleasant though.
This video exceeded my expectations by a long way. If you want to burn mega calories but are giving the toning exercises a bit of a day off, this one is absolutely perfect.
The dancers with this DVD are glamourous and have killer bodies but it's clearly challenging for them as well. The music is one of it's biggest selling points.

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Nell McAndrew-Peak Energy [Jul. 1st, 2006|03:15 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This work out is TOUGH!!! If you're a beginner don't even think about attempting this DVD. Peak Energy is suitable for people in top condition.
It's set in what looks like a wharehouse with a group of people behind and beside Nell and the instuctor, who shouts out commands. This is a class that Nell herself has been attending for some time. There is loud techno/house music playing the entire time.
The routine starts out with a 10 minute warm up that is similar in intensity that would you'd normaly expect to see as a main workout in other DVDs. Then you move on to do a further 40 of full on cardio work. The moves are very repetitive. Also there are times when they squat down low and hold that seems to be for ages. I don't understand why they do this, it seems impossible to hold for the amount they do and when you come up from it it feels like the muscles in your thighs are actually riping in half.
After the cardio section there are toning sections for arms and abs. If you're not too knackered out from the cardio these sections are good because they keep you moving while you are building muscle.

I've made it through this workout 2X (i couldn't do the deep squats though). I felt like I was going to die afterwards. I get tired just thinking about going through the routine.
But if you want to burn a million calories and are in good condition already-this may just be the challenge you want.
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Elle MacPherson-The Body Workout [Jul. 1st, 2006|03:13 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This DVD is a classic. I've been working out to this one for years. It's a total body work out that alternates between cardio and toning for 45 min. Elle MacPherson works out along side trainer, Karen Voight.
The warm up and first cardio section are one in the same. Then it has the first section concentrating on legs, bum and some tricep dips. You'll need a chair or bench for this part.
The second cardio routine is my favorite. It's basic aerobic but there's a particularly good rhythm to it. As in through the whole of the DVD the music is very enjoyable.
The arm toning follows and it's really tough but thorough. It will get your arms, shoulders and upper back into top form.
The final cardio routine combines karate, football, basketball, and swimming movements. It's really fun. The last toning section is done on the floor. You're talked through basic ab work that will get them burning. There is also a little bit more work on the bum. It's that extra little bit that will help tighten it up.
The cool down is fantasic. The stretches are excellent. It's my favorite cool down out of all the fitness DVDs I've ever done.

This DVD is initially challenging but you'll soon be able to do the entire workout without having to take a break. It will get you excellent results.
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Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout [Jun. 30th, 2006|09:41 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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[music |Incubus-Make Yourself]

This routine is absolutely brilliant!!
There is a nice introduction to the DVD showing Charlie beginning her training right up to when the DVD was produced. She accompanied by a female instructor who's really full of energy. The workout has 3 sections excluding the warm up. The cool down is coupled with the pilate ab work.

The workout begins with the warm up that introduces you to some of the moves you'll be using in the workout.
The first cardio section is a dance routine that you learn. This is enjoyable but after doing it a few times you know the routine and it can be a bit boring having to go through the moves as if it was your first time. This is the only criticism of the video outside of the cool down being short, not that it's not effective enough. The music during this 'Disco' section is pleasant as it is during the entire DVD.

The second cardio section is the best! It's a kickboxing themed routine. Keep your abs tight during the whole of this section and they'll get a killer workout!! It's fast paced, fun but not TOO challenging. It will definately puff you out though.

The third second is short but intense. It's a cardio/leg and bum routine. I couldn't quite keep up the first time but I really pushed myself the next couple goes and trust me you can get through it lol. The squats and drags that are heavily featured will teach your inner thighs a lesson they'll never forget.

The last second is pilates based ab work you do on the floor along with stretches. These moves will get your abs burning if done properly. Concentrate closely on your technique and you're abs will be rock solid in no time. I love the song they play during this part as well.

This DVD is fun, very effective and will make you want to do it over and over again.
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Isabella's Power Workout [Jun. 30th, 2006|08:57 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

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This DVD consists of Isabella (from some reality I didn't watch lol) going through a routine while her trainer instructs. The workout starts out promising. There's a good warm up and a bit of cardio to keep your heart rate up while doing the toning exercises but these cardio sections do not last. Isabella's movements are consistant and the instructor is clear. This is a good toning workout (particuarly the abs). Personally, I found the cool down stretchs extremely awkward. I wouldn't recommend it to someone whose main goal to loose weight or a beginner.
The music is repetitive, quiet, and not motivational.
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Davina Power of 3 [Jun. 30th, 2006|08:40 pm]
Fitness DVD Reviews

[music |Mr. Bungle-California]

I thought I'd start with this DVD because I love it!! It is a circuit training routine that consists of warm-up, legs, arms, abs(floor work) and cool down. The music is a major plus for this DVD. It's refreshing because Davina provides a lot of comic relief and she doesn't pretend for a second that she's not struggling right along with you. There are a lot of easier options for all the exercises that are talked through with you if you can't keep up with to start. There is no option to shorten the workout like other DVDs offer though.

The trainers in the DVD along with Davina McCall are a husband and wife team. They trade off doing the various parts of the workout. Each section is clearly marked.
The warm-up is fairly basic.
The first section is leg work in between 60 sec cardio bursts to keep your heart pumping. These 60 secs are what keep you burning fat throughout the toning exercises. The legs/bum workout is excellent but be prepared to do LOADS of squats and lunges to a lesser degree.
The second section concentrates on arms. It isn't quite as tiring as the legs but still a real challenge. There are lots of moves for the triceps(back of the arms). The 60 secs cardio bursts are included in this part and the abs as well.
The abs and floor work(more bum and some back work) is very effective. Good luck holding out for the 30 sec plank position!
The cool down is lovely, relaxing and thorough.

This DVD was extremely challenging for me the first go through but after just one or 2 more times I found myself keeping up fairly well. It's excellent for burning fat and toning up your entire body.

It's on my top 5 list and I don't see it going anywhere :)
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